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  • Dmitry Kurbakov

    Dmitry Kurbakov

    Managing Partner What I do:

    I’m one of the Levsha’s founding members. I create systems, automate processes, control finances and occasionally manage localization projects.

    In my free time:

    I play video games on PC and PlayStation, and make plans to conquer the world. I’m secretly proud of my projects: Battlefield 3 and Pillars of Eternity 2.

  • Anton Gashenko

    Anton Gashenko

    Business Development Manager What I do at Levsha:

    I organize and control chaos.

    Outside of Levsha:

    I have my own localization course called Gamelocalization (where I rule with an iron fist!), which gives me an opportunity to do some good and teach people about video game localization. I also help to find and select candidates for UTIC and our Summer Workshop, and I have a podcast called GL Cast. More localization to the localization god!

  • Polina Karpova

    Polina Karpova

    Vendor Manager What I do at Levsha:

    I’m friends with all our translators and I help them with everything! I also often get to do many other things, sometimes something even more fun than my primary responsibilities.

    What I actually do:

    I like to draw, read in English, sing in Spanish, do voice-overs for games and audiobooks, and hang out in our cozy office kitchen. I always ask for more opportunities to be creative: I like to write guides, edit texts, compile our internal digest. And of course, I never have enough time to do it all!

  • Marina Đurаčić

    Marina Đurаčić

    Head of Back Office What I do at Levsha:

    I’m responsible for invoicing, payments, salaries and all kinds of documents. I love participating in various endeavors that help our company grow.

    My personal life is pretty lively:

    I adhere to the NDA because I really love NDA and NDA, and I just adore when NDA NDA. It’s always a very rewarding experience!

  • Dmitry Skamay

    Dmitry Skamay

    Junior Project Manager What I do at Levsha:

    I manage Loc projects and help with everything somehow related to the Chinese language.

    Outside of the wonderful world of game localization...

    Creating music and trying games, dreaming of making $300k/sec. while drinking tea in my very own tea shop. Cheers!

  • Svetlana Smalyuzhak

    Svetlana Smalyuzhak

    Localization Manager What I do at Levsha:

    I teach games to speak various languages ;) Also, I try to find out what the client wants, then I pick a team suitable for the task, and I make sure everything is done well and on time.

    Outside of the wonderful world of game localization...

    I do pole sports, drive around the country and, of course, play video games. I love fighting games, tycoons, interactive movies and RPGs (especially Yakuza and the Witcher series).

  • Ksenia Mitryaykina

    Ksenia Mitryaykina

    Project Manager What I do at Levsha:

    I make my keyboard go click and I slow my browser down with hundreds of tabs—all in the name of localization and good writing.

    During my free time...

    I play video games, go on adventures with fellow LARPers, draw things on various surfaces, and study how to be a bartender. At work, when I’m on a break, I like talking about my projects over a cup of tea. My favorite project is NDA of NDAs: NDA NDA.

  • Levsha


    Chief Blacksmith What I do at Levsha:

    I exist. Thole whole thing would collapse without me.

    My hobbies:

    Hammer throwing, horseshoe bending, exceeding expectations. I also take care of Hopper, my pet flea.

  • Ksenia Kalugina

    Ksenia Kalugina

    Officer manager and keeper, padawan of our Sound Director What I do at Levsha:

    I supply the office with cookies, make it cozy, and sort out everything that needs sorting out. I’m also learning sound engineering!

    What I’m valued for:

    For knowing where everything is, for surprising insights and fresh ideas, and for being able to bring new office-related ideas to life!

  • Daniil Sokolov

    Daniil Sokolov

    Head of Loc What I do at Levsha:

    I read, watch, respond and improve.

    About me:

    Why even start? I’m a dad, I do dad stuff, and I’m also into virtual CCGs. Also, procrastination. Actually, I’m pretty busy, and you probably have things to do as well!

  • Anton Akopov

    Anton Akopov

    Service Quality Expert What I do at Levsha:

    I write guides and try to come up with new ways to optimize our workflows and improve our work in general.

    I spend my free time...

    On games. Can’t get enough of them. Seriously though, I really enjoy videogames, especially when they’re smart and have interesting mechanics. As for the projects I’ve worked on, I’m quite fond of Salt & Sanctuary—I used to be an editor of the Russian localization, and I think it came out quite well.

  • Albert Arimanov

    Albert Arimanov

    QA Guy What I do at Levsha:

    Testing, checking, verifying.

    My hobbies and interests:

    I like games, both board and video. Recently I sent an application to participate in the terraforming of Mars. I’m expecting a confirmation any day now.

  • Feodor Kulikov

    Feodor Kulikov

    Managing Partner What I do at Levsha:

    Various weird and complex projects. Mostly I handle tasks while “in the field.”

    My life’s goal:

    To make sure texts carry meanings—both shallow and deep ones. Meanings, after all, are the most important thing. I’m proud of the time when I worked on Shroud of the Avatar—it was impractical but very cool.

  • Fedor Bonch-Osmolovskiy

    Fedor Bonch-Osmolovskiy

    Managing Partner What I do at Levsha:

    I try to be a jack of all trades and do a little bit of everything: marketing, client communications, helping with projects and overseeing processes. I occasionally manage localization projects too.

    What captivates me:

    I like engrossing things! I find motorsports and good books very engrossing. And Levsha localization studio is hugely engrossing to me.

  • Roman Palmov

    Roman Palmov

    Sound Director, Friend to actors and managers What I do at Levsha:

    Everything with sound and voice-over: casting, scheduling, recording and direction. Occasionally I’ll also poke my nose into other people’s business to tell them how to make websites, which color to paint the walls and how many cans of Coke should be ordered for our office this week.

    What I love:

    Music, performing on big scenes, playing with Lego and playing soccer games on PS4. I love BBQ, drinking whisky in the fresh air and fishing. I dream of directing voice-over for a HITMAN game. I love and I’m proud of everyone!

  • Fedor Gornov

    Fedor Gornov

    Localization Manager What I do at Levsha:

    I manage and coordinate localization projects: I process requests, collect data about projects, coordinate the communication and make sure the deadlines are met. Simple workplace magic.

    What makes me happy:

    My interests tend to shift from one thing to another, but finding a new hobby always makes me happy. Naturally, I like videogames, especially the ones with a good story. I also like to procrastinate and enjoy an occasional smoke.

  • Aleksandr Borisov

    Aleksandr Borisov

    Localization Manager What I do at Levsha:

    I’m a pro at offering helping hands—to the clients, translators and my fellow managers alike.

    In everyday life:

    I live by a warm sea, I love watermelons and beautiful old houses. One day I’m going to tattoo chevron quotation marks on my arm.

  • Yaroslav Hulkey

    Yaroslav Hulkey

    Fulfiller of Ideas What I do at Levsha:

    I’m the resident yeti. I come out of the forest and bring everyone’s ideas to life. I prefer broad brushstrokes and small handwriting.

    My personal life...

    Is shrouded in mystery. I’m married to my work. I never miss an opportunity to remind someone I’ve produced official merchandize for Subnautica, Mega Man, Street Fighter and PUBG. Currently drawing my 101st art on DOOM because DOOM is awesome!

  • Veronica Panna

    Veronica Panna

    Loc PM, The Newest Model What I do at Levsha:

    I manage communications between clients, translators, and game devs. I want them all thinking and talking about the meanings behind the words. I absorb the knowledge of my senior colleagues and hatch ambitious plots. I am known to dungeon some dragons on occasion. I love good voice acting and store countless tomes of player handbooks in my mind palace. I’m not all about games though — I’m also trying to drink less coffee and listen to more musicals.

    I dream big

    I want BioWare to get it together and make the Dragon Age 4 game we all deserve, and then I will put together a team and localize it like you wouldn’t believe! :D

  • Hopper, the Flea

    Hopper, the Flea

    Blacksmith’s pet and muse What I do at Levsha:

    Occupy space, try on horseshoes.

    My secret life as a pet:

    <Untranslatable play on words in the flea language, but the Levsha team is sure she means she likes it here.>

  • Nadia Tarek

    Nadia Tarek

    Junior Localization PM What I do at Levsha:

    I reconcile our linguists with our clients, finding the middle ground between ‘do it perfect’ and ‘do it fast’. I put the cat-like agility in CAT. I export, upload, forward messages, ask additional questions, and catch small nuances. I welcome every discovery and heed the advice of my Levsha elders while constantly expanding my toolkit.                                          

    Here’s something about me as a person:

    I love singing, I’m an avid RPG player, and eager rock concert goer. To deal with work stress, I sing in the office restroom and cuddle my cat at home.      

  • Evgeniya Vorontsova

    Evgeniya Vorontsova

    Awesome Person What I do at Levsha:

    I’m an awesome person, which is a 24/7 job. Thankfully, I know how to relax too!

    My hobbies, goals and aspirations:

    I’m into being awesome, poems by Daniil Kharms, music and memes.

  • Danila Syrtsov

    Danila Syrtsov

    Junior Localization Manager What I do at Levsha:

    I try to organize the unorganizables. And I'm also a pain in the neck for everyone involved in the localization process (but that's not out of malice, it's for the sake of quality!).

    Here’s something about me as a person:

    I'm into... games. That's right! Games! Surprising, isn't it? Jokes aside, I love to immerse myself in virtual worlds, where I can defeat everything evil and to be the coolest hero out there. And I also enjoy football/soccer. But don't tell anyone about it, it's a secret.

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