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Forged in the Workshop:

Levsha at White Nights 2021

A Brief Recap

First, let’s clarify what this is all about.

White Nights is an international conference for game developers, publishers, top managers, localizers, and other cool people from the industry. These people come together to share their experiences, discuss particular business cases, muse on the various aspects of their field and come up with ways to improve things for everyone! Bringing different people into conversation like that is a great opportunity for everyone involved—and those people are very keen on making videogames better.

White Nights conferences are held several times a year in different cities across the globe or online. This year the conference came to Moscow on October 13–14.

No way we could miss an event like that! Levsha packed some things in a case and went to listen about... cases.

If there is one thing that could be found in abundance at that conference, it’s cases. Everyone brings them—all you have to do is listen to people and talk to them. Hearing about others’ experiences is a great way to learn from their mistakes without making your own. It also gives everyone a priceless opportunity to bemoan their shared woes (and maybe figure out some ways to mitigate them!).

Anton, our Business Development Manager, was the one who actually travelled to White Nights. He listened to presentations, checked out some stands, did some networking—and an awful lot of talking.

He took pictures too! We couldn’t keep those from you, of course. Check them out:

Lots and lots of stands, some aren’t even, strictly speaking, about videogames: just like games seep into all areas of our lives, so do other projects seep into videogame space We checked out the Nexters stand: we were wondering what kind of cool new stuff they’d brought to the conference Here’s the Black Caviar Games stand. What will this fledgling studio do next? Try and count all the different names in this picture while most people are away, listening to various speakers Speaking of speakers: here is Max Postnikov asking the developers an important question: do they want to make games or make money? This is the 2021 Indie Game panel. People were discussing main problems, pitfalls and prospects of this segment of the industry And here is Anton! He liked the presentations, and the pictures he took for you guys turned out pretty good too!

We hope you liked what we had to share.

See you soon ;-)

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